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Palette Music
Company Mission Statement:
Jeff Silverman is Founder, Owner and Operator of Palette Music Studio Productions (MSP),Virtual Studio Nashville (VSN) and Co-Founder of Palette Records, "A record label formed by artists - for the artists."

Virtual Studio Nashville (VSN) is Palette MSPís virtual online music recording studio. VSN allows Jeff Silverman to work with artists and musicians worldwide!

Jeff is proud to be a new member of NPN and a voting member of the Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing. He has worked on gold, platinum and award-winning projects for artists such as Rick Springfield, Nick Gilder, Charice, Boyz to Men, David Cassidy, George Clinton, Paula Abdul, Prince and Stephen Bishop.

Significant Cuts:
Songwriter Credits include: Rick Springfield, Nick Gilder, B.J. Thomas, Kevin Raleigh, Brenda K. Starr, Rags To Riches (theme song), Losin' It (theme song), Shelley Duvall's Bedtime Stories (theme song and episodes), Santa Barbara TV show (several cuts with Indie artist Aeone), Chico and Bunny Debarge, Shari Belafonte, Tim Weisberg, Philippine based Viva Recording artists Jaya, Donna Cruz and many other Indie artists listed on my discography such as Palette Records Artists Aeone and Debra Lyn. He has also had songs on soundtracks such as License To Drive, Youngblood, TJ Hooker, and Nobodyís Fool.

Submission Policy:
No unsolicited material.

Track Leasing Policy:
Jeff controls the rights to a variety of styles, genres and masters available for sync, license placements.

Personal Information:
Jeff Silverman is a veteran producer, engineer, songwriter, accomplished musician, singer and music/audio editor and composer for film and tv. He is also a former (LA) Motown staff writer and has nearly 40 years' of experience in the music industry.

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